SWAGGIN off da kratom

by Prettyleaf

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money gang international
got these bandz in my pokket
kush got me hii like a rokket
yaa on this beat yes i rokk itt
ridin down the blokk i wont stop it (i dont hit licks no no no)
on the top shit
on the top shelf (that fire)
dont smoke nicotine
cuz its bad 4 my health (healthy boyz)
but im still off the kratom (swaggr)
call me zachary adam (get higher)
yes i b swaggin (since birth)
in a way that u cant fathom
cant fathom a swaggr like this
my swaggr is indescribable oh yes it is
im off tha shitzzz

steppin on this beat and i make a girl wet (finesse)
prettyboy aloe look into my nostrils prolly find some ketamine
i mean i dont need that (stop doin drugs)
i lean bakk and i bleed rap i see dat i been traxx i bleed dat
prettyboy u can believe that
im on the dmt and they know i dont really mean that
but i do its so true
i seen god like 3 times
that dont mean i dont need lines (spiritual)
i speed up all the time
im tryna achieve states of mind that they could never find
i press rewind up on the vcr
im in the car
not really im not on bars
tryna go hard
prettyboy i smoke tha kush think im a star

just open ur eyes, look in the mirror, and allow urself 2 feel it
its right there


released October 18, 2016
cover photo taken by The Jakkster
recorded @ BERLERWORLD
recorded, mixed, & mastered by BERLER



all rights reserved